People For Nuclear Disarmament (PND)


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Hiroshima Day MArch 2011
People For Nuclear Disarmament (PND) is an organization dedicated to eliminating the threat of nuclear war. As a group we have been active in Australia since 1960 and have a significant presence in the world's disarmament movement. 

PND's objective is to inspire, and mobilise public opinion in support of disarmament and peace with the necessary safeguards assured by international agreements.

Feel free to browse this website and to contact us.

We are looking for more help and we would welcome you if you want to get involved.

Photo: Hiroshima Day March 2011, Sydney.
Credit: Nicole Eggers.

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Nuclear Madness

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Castle Bravo Nuclear TestEarly in the morning on March 1, 1954, the hydrogen bomb, code named Bravo, was detonated on the surface of the reef in the northwestern corner of Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The area was illuminated by a huge and expanding flash of blinding light. A raging fireball of intense heat, that measured into the millions of degrees, shot skyward at a rate of 300 miles an hour. Within minutes the monstrous cloud, filled with nuclear debris, shot up more than 20 miles and generated winds hundreds of miles per hour. 

Shortly thereafter, it began to snow white ash and the islands water supply became brackish. Children played in the fallout; their mothers watched in horror as night came and they began to show the physical signs of exposure. The people experienced severe vomiting and diarrhea, their hair began to fall out, the island fell into a state of terrified panic.

Whilst great strides have been made in reducing the world's nuclear stockpile from the 60,000 warheads at the peak of the Cold War in the 1960's, much still needs to be done to remove this madness altogether.

Even a small nuclear war with the types of atomic weapons now in use risks plunging the Earth into a nuclear winter destroying life as we know it. Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D) is still the order of the day.

Meanwhile the US, Russia, and China are modernizing their nuclear weapons so they are even more deadlier.

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