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Home Articles Features Accidental Nuclear War and Nuclear Winter: Why nuclear weapons are still terminal for the human race

Accidental Nuclear War and Nuclear Winter: Why nuclear weapons are still terminal for the human race

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Hiroshima Day Free Public Meeting

Refreshments provided.

Hiroshima Mushroom Date: Thursday, 6 August 2009
(Hiroshima Day )

Time: 6pm for 6:30pm

Location: Teachers Federation Auditorium, 37 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills, NSW.

Map: http://www.conferencecentre.nswtf.org.au

Inquiries: Bronwyn 9982-4192 or Radhika 9749-0909 or PND 9319-4296 (leave message)

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Steven Starr - US Nuclear Weapons Expert
John Hallam - People For Nuclear Disarmament NSW - Nuclear Flashpoints Project
Sue Wareham - President, MAPW (Medical Association for the Prevention of War)

Radhika Raju (Chair) - CFMEU: Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.

A public meeting featuring US nuclear weapons expert Steven Starr will address concerns for the continued threat of the end to human civilization from nuclear weapons.

Steven Starr, an authority on nuclear weapons, is the Chief Scientist for Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), the US branch of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Steven has written extensively on accidental nuclear war and nuclear winter in the prestigious Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and elsewhere.

Steven, together with Australia's John Hallam, successfully lobbied the United Nations General Assembly from 2006 to 2008 resulting in the adoption of a resolution on nuclear weapons operational readiness in 2007 and 2008.

Steven Starr and John Hallam have now held a number of highly successful panels in the United nations and at NPT conferences on accidental nuclear war and nuclear winter.

Sue Wareham, the NSW President of the Medical Association for the Prevention of War (MAPW), will also be speaking. Sue has a long history of campaigning against nuclear weapons.

Join us for a stimulating evening. There will be time for the panel to answer questions from the audience.

Hiroshima Panorama


Steven Starr seeks to revolutionize views on nuclear weapons
Great background on Steven Starr by Darren Milosevich in the Missourian.

High-alert nuclear weapons:the forgotten danger, by Steven Starr
An excellent article on Launch On Warning, past accidents, and the certainty of a nuclear winter.

Eliminate Launch on Warning by Alan Phillips and Steven Starr
An article covering Launch On Warning (LoW) and Retaliatory Launch Only After Detonation (RLOAD).

Nuclear Darkness & Global Climate Change - The Deadly Consequences of Nuclear War.
The website of Steven Starr.

Physicians For Social Responsibility

MAPW Medical Association for the Prevention of War

CFMEU website

CFMEU's involvement in the peace movement

Hiroshima Committee's website

Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition

Authorised by Hiroshima Day Committee, PO Box K257, Haymarket NSW 1240.
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