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Special Screening of The Man Who Saved the World

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Special Screening of The Man Who Saved the World
4.30pm Fri25Sept
Ryan Auditorium
Australian Catholic University
North Sydney

Dear Friends,
We would like to offer you this opportunity to join us for a special pre-release screening of this film. See below for details and flyer attached.
John Hallam, Anne Noonan & Daryl Le Cornu

4.30 pm Friday 25 September
Ryan Auditorium, 40 Edward St, ACU, North Sydney

ICAN Australia invites you to a special pre-release screening of ‘The Man Who Saved the World’ to be held at Ryan Auditorium, Australia Catholic University, North Sydney. This event is FREE but bookings are essential. There will be a brief Q&A session at the conclusion of the film.

Online: http://www.trybooking.com/IWVM

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Trailer for ‘The Man Who Saved the World’

Website for ‘The Man Who Saved the World’

Flyer attached with map

Note: There is NO PARKING. Ryan Auditorium is 10 minutes walk from North Sydney Railway Station.

On 26th September 1983, the world – or at least, what we would recognise as 'the world' nearly ended. We are here at all just because of the good judgement of one man who happened to be as he modestly put it, 'in the right place at the right time.'

26th September has become by a 2013 resolution of the UN General Assembly, the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

'The man who saved the world' was and is Colonel Stanislav Petrov, who at half past midnight in the morning of 26 September 1983, as sirens wailed and lights flashed at the Soviet early warning centre at Serpukhov-15 just outside Moscow, and his computers indicated the very highest certainty of a US missile attack, elected to do...nothing, saying he thought the computers had got it wrong.

Had he gone strictly by the book he'd have started a sequence of events that would have launched over 10,000 up-to megaton sized nuclear warheads at the US and its allies (including Australia).

We-and most of the world – would have been very badly burned toast. And as cities around the world became firestorms, the smoke of the passing of what we call 'civilisation' would have risen into the upper stratosphere, blotting out the sun worldwide and inducing 'nuclear winter'.Humans as a species would be lucky to survive at all. Colonel Stan didn't do it, and that is why we are still here to talk about it. Colonel Stan's brush with doomsday is only one of many such brushes with the apocalypse that have taken place over the years, in both the US and Russia.

However, this one has a real, live hero in Colonel Stan, and furthermore there is now a movie about him. Unsurprisingly, it's called: 'The Man Who Saved the World'. It stars Colonel Stan himself, playing himself, with Kevin Costner and De Niro.
John Hallam
Human Survival Project

Q&A Session
The brief Q&A session afterwards will consist of:
Dr Sue Wareham, MAPW
Prof Richard Broinowski, President, AIIA, former diplomat
John Hallam, Human Survival Project, People for Nuclear Disarmament.

How to get there
Ryan Auditorium is located in the James Carroll Building, Australian Catholic University, 40 Edward Street, North Sydney, a short 10-minute walk from North Sydney Station.

‘Nuclear disarmament is one of the greatest legacies we can pass on to future generations.’
Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

‘Nuclear deterrence and the threat of mutually assured destruction cannot be the basis for an ethics of fraternity and peaceful coexistence among peoples and states….The youth of today and tomorrow deserve far more. They deserve a peaceful world order based on the unity of the human family, grounded on respect, cooperation, solidarity and compassion. Now is the time to counter the logic of fear with the ethics of responsibility, and so foster a climate of trust and sincere dialogue.’

Pope Francis
7 Dec 2014

International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

Supported by
Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS)
Medical Association for the Prevention of War (MAPW)
People for Nuclear Disarmament (PND)
World Citizen’s Association of Australia (WCAA)