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Home Articles Flashpoints Motion on Ukraine in Scottish Parliament - Calm Heads Should Prevail over Ukraine

Motion on Ukraine in Scottish Parliament - Calm Heads Should Prevail over Ukraine

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God bless Bill Kidd MSP for doing this.

Failed so far to get motions in the UK or Australian parliament.

No idea how many if any, tactical nukes Russia may or may not have in
SW Russia or Crimea. It may have some SLBMs in Sevastopol.

But Bill's point is well taken. Care is needed and calm heads should prevail.

Motion Number: S4M-09277
Lodged By: Bill Kidd
Date Lodged: 07/03/2014

Title: Calm Heads Should Prevail over Ukraine

Motion Text:

That the Parliament looks for calm heads to prevail in the present
turmoil threatening to engulf Ukraine in international schism;
understands that there are Russian nuclear submarines and associated
missiles and warheads sited in Crimea and over 1,000 Russian tactical
nuclear weapons in the area and that the US has 400 tactical nuclear
weapons stationed in five countries across Europe allied with the
French nuclear arsenal and that of the UK situated entirely at Faslane
on the River Clyde; believes that brinkmanship and partisan political
posturing have no place in the search for a peaceful and viable
resolution of the present social disorder afflicting Ukrainian civil
society, and understands that the possible alternative, however
unlikely, of a limited nuclear exchange would, according to research
quoted by the International Red Cross at the conference of concerned
nations in Mexico in February 2014, result in a body count of hundreds
of millions and over a decade of the coldest conditions since the last
ice age.

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