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PND is always looking for new members to get involved. Although we are at present only a small group we are active thoughout the world and rely on assistance from our members and affiliates in order to get our message across.

Members can be either passively or actively involved.

For passive members we offer though our website and newsletters knowledge about the issues involved in nuclear disarmament so that you can help spread the message.

For active members there is always thousands of tasks to be done. From tasks such as simple office work or petitioning authorities there is also the scope to become involved in direct representation plus organising protests as well as conferences. So no matter who you are there is certainly room for you in our organisation.

Our membership fees are small and certainly no barrier to becoming involved. However we are always looking for volunteers where becoming a member is not a requirement.

For further information on becoming a member please contact us either by phone or use our contact form.
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Abolition 2000, the global umbrella group of over 2000 peace and nuclear disarmament groups worldwide who seek the abolition of nuclear weapons, has written to the heads of every country that has a nuclear weapons capability, urging them to move to as low an operational status for those nuclear weapon systems as possible as a first step to the complete elimination of nuclear weapons and the implementation of a global nuclear weapons convention that would provide a legal framework permanently outlawing nuclear weapons.